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Having a very close relationship with our customers is a key aspect that we pride ourselves in. Our primary objective is to combine and simplify the critical stages in the processing of livestock in order to ensure the highest quality locally produced meat is purchased by our customers with the added bonus of 100% traceability and minimal food miles.

 About us

Border Meats Ltd is a family run business located in Lockerbie, South West Scotland. With the recent take over by the Carlisle family, who farm on the outskirts of Dumfries diversifying into the meat processing sector is a key stepping stone in making the most of their resources.


The processing site offers a range of various beef, lamb and pork to whatever specification the customer requires. The majority of the beef is sourced from our own farm and is reared on a grass based system and then finished on a maize silage diet which helps to create delicious flavours in our beef product range to provide ultimate eating quality. The lamb is also home grown with additional numbers sourced from other local scotch assured farmers within the Region. Our Pork is all sourced from one of Scotland’s best known pig producers also from Lockerbie, working alongside them to provide beautiful tasting pork.

Our loyal staff are all highly skilled in which ever sector of the business they work, with great enthusiasm, hard work, and determination showing high standards of working practice helping us to produce consistently quality meat.  

Our Plant operations are overseen by the FSS (Food Standards Scotland) inspectors and we are now fully (QMS) Quality Meats Scotland accredited. We are very proud to be supplying some the finest retail butchers, caterers, hotels and award winning farm shops within Dumfries and Galloway, Ayrshire and the Scottish Borders.    

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