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We offer a wide range of premium quality products ranging from whole beef, lamb and pork carcasses through to a full range of bone-in and boneless primal cuts. We pride ourselves on being able to meet each customer’s own individual requirements. All of our boneless meat is vacuum packed and supplied in Border Meats Branded white boxes.


We produce Prime Scotch beef from animals Under 30 month old. This is available as whole carcasses to whatever spec/grade the customer requires with a wide range of stock from our own farm we have the ability to select smaller carcass at 300kg right through to carcases over 400kg, with a full range of primal cuts, bone-in or boneless from our cutting plant.  


Galloway Hinds of Beef Hung 30 days on the bone

We also offer a premium product range of traditional carcasses with a selection of Aberdeen Angus, British Shorthorn, Galloways, Highlanders and Wagyu

Wagyu Rib Roast

Aberdeen Angus Rib Roast

Both matured 40 days on the bone


The lamb is also home grown from our flock of Texel X ewes put to a Beltex Tup providing a supreme butchers carcass ranging from 18-30kg. Additional numbers are sourced from other local scotch assured farmers within the Region.  Selling whole carcasses along with bone-in or boneless primal cuts.


Our suppliers (Shaw’s – Driveholm Farm) offer a wide range of pork from Suckling pigs for spit roasts 20-55kg, pork pigs 55-65kg and bacon pigs 65kg and above. We supply mostly whole or halved carcasses and a full range of primal cuts including fores, loins, bellies and legs bone-in or boneless to whatever specification the customer requires.


Border Meats offer a full range of offal’s including liver, kidneys, hearts, tongues, tails and skirts.


We have been making Haggis for decades using the highest quality produce including Scottch oats, a mix of spices and other key ingredients to produce this fine National Product.

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